Hello konnichiwa. My name is Suji, and i am just an ordinary college student. Granted by the God because i am Living in The Most Wornderful island, Bali. Now, i’m still continuing my study at College of Foreign Language Saraswati, majoring in Japanese Literature. Yes, this bio should be in Japanese, but, ain’t so fluent in using japanese yet. so that’s why.

This WordPress is made in order to fulfill final task of Computer in Business. Fortunately, i love to write something and then post it. So, i really enjoy this final task.

Just a little about College of Foreign Language Saraswati

“In the age of modern and globalization era having the ability to speak a foreign language is a must. Therefore a college of foreign languages “Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing (STIBA) Saraswati was founded in 2003 by Yayasan PR. Saraswati Pusat Denpasar (Saraswati Foundation) to provide a place for the learners to improve their foreign language proficiency. College of Foreign Languages “Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing (STIBA) Saraswati Denpasar” is one of private higher education institutions in Bali, Indonesia.
Since it was founded, STIBA Saraswati Denpasar provides good services in educating the learners to master a foreign language. The institution holds two study programs namely; English Study Program and Japanese Study Program. With the good effort of the team, in 2014 both of the study programs hold B of the accreditation level from the Indonesian National Accreditation Institution (BAN PT). “

source : Stiba Website *Come Visit Us!*

#WonderfulIndonesia #StibaYoshWeCan


Nama : Ni Putu Sujikantini

Npm : 17.JP.S1.979 / Sastra Jepang 1B




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